Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today I got a call from my sister-in-law. She and my Mother-in-law are coming!! Oh Shit. I'd better get the lead out and look like I've been working like a dog to get this house whipped into shape. I like to pretend that it's all done but lets all be honest. I have a bonus room FULL of pictures that need hanging, lamps to purchase stuff to put away etc.

When we left NH I sold our patio furniture because it had a tiny broken leg. Now I'm wishing I still had it because of course we haven't replaced it yet and now we have nothing to sit on while we sit with coffee in our hands and gaze at the lake out back. My sister in law also lives on a lake, only her lake is a "real" lake that you can drive a boat on. She will tell me that my tiny lake is really a pond or a mud hole but it's my mud hole and I love it!

I will be doing some deep cleaning tomorrow as these two women are the most amazing house keepers and I will blame my mother on this one... she was never the homemaker-house cleaning type. I did have some good training along the way ( thank you Ellen) but I have been in a tiny funk so I need to hop to it!
I have planned some great meals while they are here. I will distract them with food so they don't notice the dirt or unfinished rooms. I'll just keep throwing food at them, they'll never know what hit em.

I really am looking forward to their visit. Haven't seen them in over a year. Maybe longer. I miss them.