Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Girls

My girls were both sick over the weekend. Ari with a sinus infection and Indy with her second case of Strep in the past two months.
Yesterday I hawled them both down to the doctor so I can get them well and back to school asap. They're cramping my style.
This is the girls in the waiting room at the pediatrician. :)
Ari lay in bed all of Sunday evening and yesterday, but not before taking MVP at her two day volleyball tournament over the weekend. Something has clicked in her. She is getting more confident in her kills and she scored approx 15 points for the team in one game mostly by serving nine successful serves in a row. It was so cool to watch.
After her games were over she had to do some line reffing. She made a very good call on a ball that was in but BARELY!! The team on her side of the court was NOT happy and began yelling at her. NOT my girl. She fired back and stuck to her ground even when a parent in the bleachers was yelling at her. She fired back at him too and had the full support of the Head ref on her side but I was so proud of her confidence and for NOT crumbling under the huge amount of pressure and words being slung at her from many directions. That's my girl!

And last but NOT least. Molly our 2 year old sits at the dog door waiting to pounce on poor Henry when he comes in the door, so instead he just sits outside the door and cries since Molly won't let him in. Yes we are breading some VERY strong women in this house.

poor Henry