Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things you can do when living alone

Here are a few things that I've discovered that one can do while living alone without husband or children or anybody for that matter..

* you can eat every meal on the sofa...that means breakfast , lunch, and dinner in the comfort of a big fluffy sofa. Yes this is a direct double standard to the " get off my sofa with that food" comment that I've been known to say to my children.

* you can fix things that you never thought you could fix because your super duper sexy handy husband isn't around to fix things. ( like the microwave oven)

*you can go to the movies anytime you want.

* If someone asks if you're available for always are.

*you can practice being silent for hours on end since there's no one to talk to.

* you never have to make the bed because no one will notice

* you can pack boxes while wearing your ballroom dance shoes therefore killing two birds with one stone...breaking them in and packing at the same time.


Jodi Valpey said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thought I would see how you are doing and since it was possibly too late to call, I checked the blog. Turns out you are doing just FINE. If you are missing the kidos feel free to come visit mine and I'll swap out to try that alone in the home thing...don't mind even packing a box or two. My best. -Jodi

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

Love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,
I ENVY you!!!! Although I am sure you miss your family, we all know alone time is RARE and not ever heard of!! Enjoy the quiet time while you have it!!! Tina R.

Shelley said...

I LOVE this one. You are a wizard and you look absolutely FABULOUS in your dancing shoes! Love, your biggest fan