Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy Day

Spent the whole day running around. As it turns out... Molly DOES have a bladder infection. Lucky for her...She hasn't peed in the house since Sunday. Got some very expensive antibiotics to help her get better. She is kinda cute.

Alex had his first golf lesson today. he loved it. He likes any sport where there isn't a chance he'll get his butt kicked by a bigger person. This is the perfect game for him. A game against yourself.

My realtor said my house needed some staging. I will admit I was a bit shocked by that but everything she suggested, I had already been thinking of so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully the new pictures will give a better idea of the interior of the house. Fingers crossed.

Would love to add some more fun things to this blog but I still haven't figured out how everything works yet. I'm not that computer savvy so it'll take a little while.

Well, off to bed, I'm tired from the day. Haven't taken the pillow shams off of Ted's side of the bed except to wash the sheets. It's nice only having to make one side of the bed everyday:)

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