Sunday, January 10, 2010

Call the Fashion Police

When we left New Hampshire to go to Ca to live with my parents, I'll be the first one to admit that I thought we would only be there a couple of weeks. I packed very "light" for myself, a few pairs of shorts, many Gap t-shirts and all the flip f;ops I owned. Why pack more...we're not gonna be there that long and if I need something, I'll just buy it!

A whole new wardrobe later and a serious drop in air temp, and I'm in trouble. As our stay grew longer, I amassed quite the wardrobe. Shopping with my Mother changes the way I look at clothes. No longer are my Gap t-shirts and shorts appropriate when your Mother is wearing her 4 inch Stewart Weitzman heels and adorable dresses from Nordstrom. Lucky for me we did a lot of shopping and I was able to acquire a few new things to add to my VERY casual wardrobe.

Fast forward to Alabama and we have been in our hotel now for a solid week with at least three more days to go. Just to my luck Alabama is experiencing an unusual "freezing cold" snap that has lasted the entire time we've been here so far and has no end in sight. Now this normally wouldn't be a problem for me since I have an enormous winter coat collection from living in the arctic tundra of New Hampshire but when I left NH for Ca I knew I wouldn't be needing any of it so I happily packed it away and put it into storage.

We did have a few brisk mornings in Ca while working out on the beach so sister Shelly reluctantly parted with a hideous baby blue coat that she had purchased in San Fransisco on a day that was exceptionally cold and need something "fast"!!

When we left Ca, I threw that blue coat in my bag just "in-case" we got stranded on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be wearing this little gem everyday just to avoid freezing my A** off.
Now you'd think that when one comes to Alabama that a big blue coat would go unnoticed and not be a problem, but NOOOOOOO!!! Almost everywhere I look I see a darling girl in her darling blue jeans and her cute boots and her Freaking Adorable COAT!!!