Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey readers and fans of Stephanie's blog! I, Shelley Meaney, younger sister of Steph in case you didn't know, have comandeered Stephanie's blog for a short while until she gets her internet hooked up. I have her permission to be here, but that's not to say I won't take full advantage of my power of the pen and photo until she can take this blog back. And now, a note on the coat:

Dear Stephanie,

We were beginning to worry after that blog about the blue coat. We were a little bit afraid that maybe your sense of style had taken a hard left at ugly and gone straight. We all can't really believe that you wore that thing in public with a straight face in your new upscale community at a time when first impressions were being made. We actually felt a little tiny bit sorry for you..... until we saw pictures of your new house. How is your gourmet kitchen with the heat lamps that elevate up and then down again after the food gets served up hot? How are your built-in bookshelves in the family room and your giant hand crafted mantle? Exactly how long did it take your jacuzzi tub to fill high enough to work the jets? An hour? Poor thing. And tell us, how is your own personal office for blog writing, jewelry making or just closing the door in retreat from the household masses? Oh, you can keep the coat and wear it to the store now and then thinking of us, me in particular. Let it be a reminder to you of my bathroom, custom built in 1961 for my grandmother-in-law who was five foot one. Let your closet space and beautiful built-ins serve as a reminder that you never know what kind of magic can come from a seemingly awful situation. While you are soaking in your tub, think about the friends you will make and make laugh in Mobile. Most of all, next time you see a woman in a hideous coat, imagine that she is in the same situation you were in, and that her beautiful new coat is coming in the mail, ready to make her day!

And now, a few words and pics from Steph:

Mamma's got a brand new coat!!
or two.

Thanks Mom...You're the best!!

Yeah for you and US!!!!
a final note from Shell- That fugly coat has a removable hood, which I have, and removable sleeves. It is fully reversible. When you wear it inside out it has a huge embroidered graphic of the Golden Gate Bridge across the back. Who wants to see Steph model the coat in reverse vest form just for fun (besides me)? I think a good get-up can be a bit of a spiritual experience. If you want more on that subject, tune in to my blog at

wooooo hoooooo!!!!