Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Indy at the Plaza

If you have children, you may have heard of the book "Eloise at the Plaza"
It's a really cute story about a little girl who's family lives at the Plaza hotel in NYC and her parents work so she basically runs around the Plaza all day with her Nanny and has all kinds of fun.

Meet Indy. She knows her way around the hotel and can be found at various times throughout the day "acting" like a grown-up and playing in the hotel.
Tonight I went down to sit with her and she played "restaurant" and placed orders and delivered food to imaginary people in the "actual" dining room of our hotel. She talks to her self out loud and has a ball.

Most everyday, she and Alex race to the elevator and try to get the door to close before I get there. When I get to the lobby they will be sitting there waiting there and giggling.

The most amusing for me is when we get off of the elevator on our floor and she goes racing at full speed out of the elevator in a mad sprint towards our room at the end of the hallway and the makes the turn on "two wheels" to get to the door first. When I arrive at the hotel room door I will always find the room key on the floor outside our door and she will already be in the room.

Little Punks!!