Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emergency Room

Hi! It's Shelley, guest blogger for Steph again. I hope you are not sorry it's me, but, she said you would be antsy for an update, so here it is.

Indy went to the E.R. on Friday night with an earache and chest pain. Steph took her of course. I received a text at about nine, that was midnight her time. I said, "couldn't this have waited until morning, or couldn't you have gone earlier?" These questions are really redundant because for as long as Steph has been a mom, she has spent a good chunk of time in Emergency Rooms around the country with her kids. We have a joke between us that she is practically a doctor. I can tell you honestly that she has amazing medical sense, is calm and assured when she is in a crisis and has nerves of steel when someone is in serious trouble. I think she was a doctor in a past life or two. An old country doc who had seen it all. How else could you explain her natural ability as a 16 year-old candy striper helping a nurse hold a child's head still so that an I.V. could be inserted into the baby's scalp while her friend passed out on the floor next to her? Steph didn't go to medical school, or nursing school but she has acted as a birthing doula on many occasions and been asked by physicians if she was a professional. I remember marveling at her bedside manner when our mom was in the ICU for a life-threatening head injury. She's a natural. My theory is that until she gets herself working in a hospital officially, her kids are going to keep dragging her there.

Here's an incomplete list of visits she has made with Ari, Alex and Indy in the past few years. She was too embarrassed to give me a really complete list because she thought I was going to give her the bad parent of the decade award, but no, I was just trying to show that she has a magnetic attraction to the E.R..

Columbus, Ohio- Alex got really sick after two trips to the ER for dehydration and was later admitted.

Later that year, Alex took a barefoot walk on the treadmill and had to make a visit to the ER to re-attatch his toe.

Bow, New Hampshire- Ari went rollerblading with Henry, Dog Sled Style while wearing a tanktop and shorts . She got to visit the ER with nasty bruises and extensive road rash.

Schwenksville, PA- Ari got her thumb caught under a sled during a Pennsylvania winter downhill run and broke it (the thumb, not the sled).

Hollywood, CA- Indy has been to the Cedar's Sianai ER a couple of times while visiting Grandma Kitty for something, but I can't remember what.

Mammoth, CA- Indy had a bad case of hives.

Mobile, Alabama- Indy christens the new local ER with her earache (ouch!)

For the love of your children Steph, heed the call! The ER wants you! The hospital needs you! The pregnant women are calling to you! We are all behind you, in complete support! You are practically the best doctor I know! (If there are any doctors reading this, please do not be insulted by this statement).