Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding our Tribe

If only there were an easier way of finding our tribe when we move from place to place. The things that set us apart, like what kind of car will we drive when we are old enough? Ari will have a Prius (sooner rather than later) with some sort of personalized licence plate. Alex says he will have a Segway with panniers on the handlebars for his treasures- watch out, it will be heavy! Indy says her first car will be a limo. Not at all surprising.

As these beautiful people move from place to place they have to somehow find their friends again and again. I wish it were as easy as finding someone with the same color nail polish, or hearing the secret password whispered on the playground. But it's not. We have to dig to uncover our friends. We have to pay attention, ask a lot of questions, gently sift through the words and postures, friendly or seemingly unfriendly at first, made all the more difficult by school uniforms instead of style.

These three beings of light are honing their skills of being true to themselves when finding their tribe. They are teaching their peers to be true to themselves too, doing the hard work of uncovering the real souls time and time again.

Might I, your guest blogger, Aunt Shelley, suggest asking a question of the day to your potential friends? Start with, what would your dream car be? Maybe the secret playground passwords are there in the form of Prius, Segway and Limo.