Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moo's and Schmoo's

Spent our first day in Alabama enrolling the younger kids in school.
But first we had to get their immunization cards transferred over to Alabama cards.
The school sent us on a wild goose chase to the county health Dept to get the records transferred over to the cards and instead of arriving to the Dept.,

We arrived to find these.
The dogs loved them, at one point Henry (older dog) crawled under the barbed wire fence to go get a closer look but lucky for us he REALLY listens when Ted calls him.
Took the dogs down to the water for a walk today but after 10 minutes, Ted no longer saw the fun in this since it was a chilly 30 degrees and our winter garb is still in storage.
This will be much more fun when we get the Gulf Coast weather back.
Since we are still holed up in a hotel room we have to take the dogs everywhere with us so they don't do any "partying" while left alone.
Can't wait to move into my new home so I can clean the wet nose smears off of my car windows.
Life is Good.