Friday, January 29, 2010


Now that I have the responsibility of keeping Steph's readers "happy", I am really beginning to feel the pressure. I can't write about just anything on her blog. If I could, I would just write my own blog and post a link to it as her blog. Hmmmm, not a bad idea. But, everybody knows you go to Steph to laugh and you come to me to pontificate the subtle nuances of your daily existence. On Stephanie's blog, I have to write about Steph and I have to make you laugh. Tall order.

I have been begging for pictures from our dearly missed blogger and she has come up with all sorts of excuses as to why she could not send any.

"Starbuck's doesn't have Wi-Fi",
"I still don't have internet",
"There's nothing to take a picture of".
Blah blah blah. "You have an i-phone and you text me every five minutes", I said,
"just take some pictures and press send".
This was the first picture I got:
A screened-in porch with a mountain of boxes.

I asked for more pictures and I am not exaggerating when I say it took her two days to send this group. She sent the beautiful living room shot four times (just to emphasize the beauty of her decorator's sense of style?). I liked the shot of Ted, installing something, but where were the kids? Where were the school uniforms? What did their new southern lunches look like in their sweet little lunch boxes? I did like the picture of the dogs, standing outside the screened in porch on the fringe of the looming forest. It stirred my imagination a little bit.

Steph started harassing me this morning while I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting to get felt-up by a breast specialist (it was nothing by the way. We're just friends). My i-phone kept jingling rudely with her pestering comments about her readers being "unhappy" with the lack of new material. She said if she loses readers, it was ALL MY FAULT, because she had sent me the pictures, just like I had asked. My reply was that I was not all together inspired by her grouping of photos and she needed to work a little bit harder than she was to excite me. Her response to that was her action shot of a grouping of items she had purchased on a big outing to the dollar store. She said she went in for wrapping paper (in JANUARY?) and got a hankering for thai food so she picked up some coconut milk. She saw the chipoltle peppers and thought they would add some flair to her new rolling shelves full of alphabetized canned goods. The Afrin purchase had something to do with a" stuffy nose" and "needing a good night's sleep" (doesn't she know that stuff is addictive?). And, there was a totally lame excuse for buying the tabloid. Something about "entertainment during the rainy weekend ahead". Whatever happened to daydreaming? Or board games?

And so I give you a blog about Steph's pictures. Maybe this will inspire her to send me something good!