Monday, January 4, 2010


This is Texas. Boring boring boring. I see why people want to live here, you can get a mansion for next to nothin (southern drawl). The one exciting thing in Texas was the very adorable tiny armadillo that tried to cross the highway right in front of us. Ted did a minor swerve to miss hitting it. He later regretted that move when he remembered that we were towing a 12' trailer. The two semi trucks behind us also swerved to miss the armadillo. I believe the little critter was protected by the cuteness factor.
But the state is so huge that it takes two -three days just to get through it. I waited the whole trip to see all of the long horn cattle but i only saw a few. I was very disappointed. That's what I live for, wildlife. But when we crossed over into Louisiana I was thrilled, as the landscape changed from flat to swamp land.

Stopped for dinner at the Pei Wei, an off shoot of P.F.Changs. We sat at the bar and the kids got a thrill out of watching their food be prepared right in front of them.

The Louisiana rest stop was beautiful and we were able to take the dogs around and get a bit of exercise. the kids ran around too until we saw the sign...
The trees in the back ground of the sign are literally dripping with Spanish cool.
This truck is just one of millions of trucks on the road in the deep south. Practically everybody drives one. I'm just happy that they all weren't outfitted with gun racks too.
Lots of movies were watched on our trip.
More Louisiana swamp land.

The cemetery's in New Orleans were spectacular. This one is right along the edge of the hwy.

My super sexy handsome husband.
And we're home. We're not in our house yet but we are in a beautiful hotel very close to our house so the kids will start school in the morning and I will spend the day getting acclimated.
The day we got to the Mobile area we had a great Caribbean lunch right on the water. Alex spotted his first gator right next to the highway.