Sunday, January 31, 2010

Settling In

The Kaminskis seem to be settling in nicely, after their fifth move in six years. I called Steph on Friday to ask for more pictures. An Indy shot was notably absent. I was informed that Indy was at a sleepover. A SLEEPOVER!? Wasn't she just at the ER seven days prior? I guess she was feeling better. And hasn't she been in school for just a few weeks? I guess a few weeks is all she needed to find her TWIN, Olivia. Imagine what kind of trouble, I mean fun they will get into looking so much alike. That's Indy on the left, by the way.

Do you remember the blog I wrote about needing a secret password to find your friends? Well as soon as I hit the publish button on that one, I came to find out that Ari was going over to her friend, Jennifer's house for dinner. Yesterday's problems of not knowing who their friends were turned into today's problems of who are these sixteen year old boys in the pickup truck taking Ari and Jennifer to go "mudding" and will they bring her home in one piece?!

Steph and Ted seem to be settling in nicely. Their new eco-friendly memory foam mattress was delivered last week. Alex is modeling it here. Steph said she was going to fill up her bathtub and take a soak (we'll let you know how that one went- it is probably still filling as I write this).
Ted leaves tomorrow for two weeks in Thousand Oaks for more training. He will be your go-to guy for anything having to do with cancer. Biotech/pharmaceutical training is like the books part of medical school. Ted will be an expert on all the current research, therapies and statistics having to do with the diseases his products will treat. This was the main reason I loved pharmaceuticals. I think he feels the same way. So he will be off, getting paid to study and Steph will be home, taking better pictures to inspire her guest blogger.
Lucky readers, in a just a few days, eleven to be exact, I will be venturing South East on a reconnaissance mission to get my own damn pictures and really report the haps from Bama. It could be that I cried a lot the week Stephanie left, but my husband Tom encouraged me to make a visit sooner rather than later. I promise you some real adventure coming your way.

A side note on Stacy, number one sister.... Stacy has officially moved into her Santa Barbara labyrinth home. She has slept there a total of eight nights and has had house guests for four of those. She says she is blissfully happy to be in her new home, as I am, but she really needs a minute (or a month) to get unpacked, paint and feel settled. I saw her on Friday when I dropped by with Aidan and London (the chihuahua) to pay a quick visit. She had a look on her face that said it all. My suggestion, don't ask to visit Stacy for a few months at least. A thought has occurred to me that maybe a bit of her stress might be that I have asked her to help take care of my kids for me while I pay a visit to Mobile, AL. Nahhhhhh. It couldn't be that.