Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Stephanie and I woke early this morning and took in a last look at the beautiful falls before heading out of Canada. The GPS was possessed by some demonic spirit and kept giving us directions back to the Hampton Inn on River Road. Steph calls the GPS voice Lucy and after having to find our own way back to the I-90 using only our Rand McNally map and Steph's excellent sense of direction we re-booted Lucy forgiving her for trying to keep us in the scary hood of Niagra, NY.
Our first stop after re-entering the US was to find a store where I could buy a glasses repair kit.

The entire trip today was spent driving with big rigs down roads surrounded by fields of corn. Joliet, Illinois is a very small town south of Chicago. There are two Hampton Inns in Joliet. We are staying in the one closest to the highway. We ventured to the mall, which is located within visual range of the other Hampton Inn. Steph lost interest in shopping when she realized there was no GAP. She said that if GAP didn't want any part of that hot mess, then neither did she. Our small town stop means an early night for us. Which is great.

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