Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Morning Happenings

This morning Mom , Shelley and I walked on the beach at 7:30. Well Mom walked ans Shell and I ran. It felt so good to run along the ocean. I picked up a few more pieces of sea glass on my run.
Mom has been bugging me to help her clean up her closet. It seams it has gotten a bit out of control and she needed some help. Ari was on hand for some comic relief and some help.

When doing a nasty chore like cleaning out someone else's closet, it's always a good idea to wear their shoes. it's so much more fun to clean and organize in high heels!!

Note me in the mirror behind Ari in my high heels.


I took Ari to the grocery store. This is what she wore... she isn't allowed to wear a dress like this to school but If it weren't so revealing on top and she COULD , she still wouldn't, but she'll wear it to the grocery store.

This is Oprah's BACK gate to her enormous property by my Parents house. Nice huh?

This is Oprah's front gate. the actual gate is beyond the little security house on the right. It doesn't even do it justice, it's gorgeous. She has so much acreage that you don't even see one bit of the actual house because it's so nicely blocked by all of her beautiful trees. I like the cobblestone driveway.


Anonymous said...

I think your readers might be wodering what happens to your sidekick, Shirley Feeney. Better white a blog about her. Oh, and don't forget to anounce the winners frm the comment contest! Get an address. I still have some puffy envelopes! Love, Shell aka Shirley Shirley

Anonymous said...

why can't Ari wear that to school??? She looks gorgeous, or is that the problem?
Love, Sarah K. aka NH

britcrenshaw said...

wow i cant believe gramma let u in her closet hope u didnt get rid of anything good=]i like the pics of oprahs gates impressive!! =] looks like ur having fun =] love u miss u
brittany anne