Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Wise and Sunrise

Ari has just officially finished her third day of high school. The first day her algebra teacher went around the room and asked the kids where they saw themselves in 5 years. Ari said that as the teacher went around the class asking this simple question, the same answer came over and over "I don't know". When the teacher got that answer she would then ask..."Well, what are you good at?" or "what do you love?"
They still said the same answer..."I don't know"
When ahe got to Ari and asked the same question, Ari's reply was this,
"I plan to be in college studying to become a verterinarian."
There was only one other girl in the whole class that didn't give the lame "i don't know" answer.

She has volleyball every day after school until 5pm and is still recovering from "Mono". She keeps showing up with the love and support of Ted and I and her entire family. I think the lesson here is that with every hurdle that comes up we just keep validating and acknowledgeing her feelings and we try to make sure that she gets heard when she has something to say. I hope I remember how to do this when Alex is a teenager. And when Indy is a teenager.

I took the little kids to the Sea Center on Santa Barbara Pier today. It was a little hazy but I still managed to get some pictures.

went to Pinkberry after lunch.

Our 6am workout was a "recovery" walk on the boardwalk this morning. Yesterday Shell and i got our butts kicked with the trainer so we could barely walk. So sad!
This is this morning's sunrise.


britcrenshaw said...

Love the pictures!! keep up the good work with eric=] i expect to see u looking extra good when i see you next=] Tell ari im so proud of her and love her!!love you!!
Brittany Anne

Anonymous said...

If you are up at 6 am seeing the sunrise, don't you dare be sad! Be proud of yourself. You are amazing and doing a great job out there. Keep up the great work with your family AND yourself. NH loves you and misses you! Sarah

Lynne said...

Gorgeous pics. Kinda makes me want to get up early in the morning. But kinda not :)

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

Ari looks beautiful you are going to have your hands full. When do the little ones go to school??? The morning looks amazing. I expect the next pictures to see you looking fit and trim with all the working out. Lord knows it's not going to be me. THe thought of working out makes me hurt. Give us a call sometime. Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Ari has grown up - Cannot believe our girls are in high schol now - Kayla making thru the first week - helps she has an older brother with friends!
Kayla wants to know if Ari is on facebook yet....