Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day One- We fall for the "Falls"

Yesterday it took 12 and a half hours for the movers to load the truck. It was extra hot and sticky outside. Shelley worked like a dog and amused herself with a little hop on the pogo stick and a nice afternoon nap on the dog beds.
By the end of the day 9:30 there were 5000 mosquitoes in the house and we were sitting on the floor trying not to die of starvation and bug bites.

Shelley made a quest of finding and collecting treasures from under the beds. The best one was a red cross blood donor card from 1985 for Stephanie Ann Peoples, found in a dark corner of the floor of the furnace room in the basement.

The end of the day brought burritos from Boloco and we ate them on our hotel room beds and watched TV before showering and hitting the sac.

This morning we met my BFF Diana (next door neighbor and partner in crime) for one last goodbye. She tried to talk us into going out to breakfast therefore prolonging the inevitable but I said "NO" and to stop stalling. We had a tearful goodbye at the local gas station and we were off. I will miss her terribly.

Drove through New York State. Very lush and green, just like NH. Shelley and I both took turns driving and taking naps in our makeshift bed in the back seat. Listened to Shelley talk super sugary sweet to her husband and I tried not to gag from the sweetness of it all.

Arrived into Canada to find that every booth operator/tourism guy to be super extra cute. I think they grow them super hunky up here.

The Niagra Falls are spectacular from the Canada side. Totally worth going to once in your life.

Went to dinner at a "local" hang out off the beaten path. Good Italian food! Shelley wants to have a contest with me to see who has the most interesting things in her purse. She begins pulling stuff out of her purse. She pulls out a piece of a lego, a tiny hand full of Monterey sea glass that has a child's finger nail clipping mixed in...I say to her, "you win".

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dekr8 said...

Wow! Cross-country tour! That's my kind of move. Have a blast!