Friday, August 21, 2009

Ship and shape

While traveling through the US, Shelley and I decided that before we left New Hampshire that we needed to lose a few lb's. Yea I know it's a big shocker!! So we ate subway sandwiches every day for lunch and shared a dinner at night. A lite breakfast began our day and of course my coffee concoction was my daily start( won't give that up). Well it jump started our new way of life and before you now it we were on our way to a more svelte bod.
My mom has signed us up with a personal trainer. His name is Eric and he is very cute. Married with a 8 month old baby. Lucky for me he gets our sense of humor so when he did his initial assessment of Shell and I, I got away with throwing in a few zingers to amuse myself.
The smile got quickly wiped off my face when he put us on the treadmill to see what we could do. Shelley is a pack mule at heart so she out ran me up hill both ways in the snow with rocks in her pockets. I wasn't far behind but clearly she has NOT been sitting on her butt for the past 5 weeks as I must have been.
This morning we are dropping Ari off at her high school freshman orientation and the going down to the beach for our daily workout. We will be having weight training sessions with Eric on T/TH and M/W/F we will do whatever walking course he sets up for us on that day.
Last night my Mom and I took a long walk on the beach at around 5pm. It was absolutely beautiful so I took a few pictures to amuse myself and to give you a small taste of what I'm looking at.
Yesterday Shelley and I took the kids to the ceramic place to paint something and then out to lunch. I've included some pics of the kids too.

p.s. check out the blog Shelley wrote about me that is two below this one.


Lynne said...

I LOVE your pics, they are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this. But.... Spell check would be nice. I know you were rushing when you posted. I think you should publish our food journals. Thanks for writing!!!

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

your pictures are great!!! The kids look sooo cute! Keep writing!

Sarah K. said...

the kids look sooooo happy to have you back with them. Your pictures are so beautiful too. They really show the essence of CA to me. Miss you all!! Love from all of us.

Anonymous said...

These pics of Santa Barbara are amazing. I was just in Carp and SB in July. Did not see it like this.