Sunday, August 9, 2009

"You're Wearing THAT!?"

I'll begin by describing our outfits. This is Shelley, Stephanie's sister, by the way. I am dressed in neutrals. White and grey exercise top, black yoga pants, brown hooded sweater and sweat socks. I would blend in to a wooded area like a hunter. "Where is she? she was just here a minute ago!"
I woke up from my travel-induced coma to find Steph brightly dressed in her work clothes for the day. Or should I say, her "Ode to Easter Eggs". Her olive camoflauge flip flops complimented her mint green (minus the chips) Juicy sweat pants. I had to have her turn around because the glare of her fuchsia sweat jacket was hurting my eyes. When she did, I noticed that she was wearing a coordinating sapphire blue tank under her jacket. "I wear colors that match my mood", she says, adding with a smile, "But I'm not going out in public like this". My thought on that is that the world would be a happier place if she did.


Anonymous said...

fabulous. I can't wait till your both on SB soil and gracing the streets with all that S&S joy and love. Safe trip girls and try blogging on your way...
love, c.

Anonymous said...

i am not brother god...!
this is from cathy
well, maybe on this sunday morning, I am brother god?????

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

Good luck in your travels. I wish there was some way you could stop out this way. Keep us posted on the travels. :-) Love you!