Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Aren't Food Critics, But We Should Be

Last night was my last night in the house. We went to dinner. I gave Shelley a few choices for dinner and she chose Italian. I took her to the best Italian restaurant I knew in Concord,NH which just happens to be attached to the local Holiday Inn. Of course she said she would reserve comment until after we ate since she has been to Italy so many times she would NOT expect this dinner to come anywhere near an authentic Italian meal.

The restaurant's name was Nonni's, and when we walked in, it had an Italian family feel to it. Every table was empty and all four booth's were full, Shelley suggested waiting for a booth. We settled for a half booth. I insisted on the boothy half since Shelley would be drinking wine, thereby softening the hard chair feeling under her butt.

When the bruschetta came, it looked like a spread out of Food and Wine magazine. They may not have had us at "hello" but they had us at the arrival of the fresh garlic knots and foccacia with garlic infused olive oil. When the pizza came, Shelley claimed it was straight from Italy. It had a cracker crust so thin we could see through it. There were beautifully roasted vegetables applied in an artistic arrangement, and the pizza was seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and just a crumble of goat cheese, not loaded into a chewy heap like most pizzas we eat in America. We ate it all too fast to take a picture.

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