Friday, August 14, 2009

Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska

Mississippi River.

We traversed Illinois today, crossing the Mississippi River and loving the rolling fields of corn and soybeans of Iowa. Steph always starts out the drive because A. she loves to drive and B. she hates it when I drive. She only relinquishes the wheel when she is drowsy and would rather sleep than be in constant control. We had a bit of a brush with the devil though when we approached a large boat on a flat bed and Steph and I were BOTH gazing at it as we drove by wondering how they got such a big boat on such a small truck. Veering slightly off the road, Steph caught herself before we crashed into the guardrail of the bridge. We passed that boat two more times. I told Steph I would take lots of close up pix so she could analyze them thoroughly at a later time. We also passed several windmill blades on flatbeds. I got lots of pictures of those too, and Steph got a warning to keep her eyes on the road, because if we crashed and died, I told her the first thing I would do in heaven is punch her.

We decided that we could start a business called "never take another bad picture" and offer at home touch ups. Here are a few of our sample photos. See if you can tell the difference between the un touched and altered ones. Don't our chins look great?

HI, It's me Steph, the owner and proprietor of this blog. Shelley keeps hijacking it but it's fine because she makes me laugh and I hope you as well.

Once today when I DID relinquish control of the wheel, I crawled in back to take a nap. I had just settled into my afternoon purr when she hollered back at me to ask if I would like to go and see the "Bridges of Madison County" bridges.
I of course woke up and said "yes" to which she replied...
" great!, since you're up can you pass me the container of butterscotch cookies?" I did and then asked when we would be seeing the "bridges" to which she replied...
"Um I don't know I just really wanted the cookies.
If we crash and go to heaven, I will punch her right back!

Stephanie & Shelley

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