Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Morning in Santa Barbara

This morning my Mom and I met her friend at the Farmers Market downtown Santa Barbara.
We purchased lots of farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the next few days. I of course took my camera because I love to take pictures of this kind of stuff so here is a feast for your eyes.

This is my Mom calling her friend because she was a couple of minutes late. Funny because my Mom is almost always late.

This lavender was so amazing. It smelled so wonderful and fragrant. I need to get smellavision.

After the market we went out for breakfast. I had the most amazing huevos rancheros with fresh avocado and fresh black beans. I loved every bight. So glad to be in California where you can have great Mexican food every meal of the day and every day of the week and not eat at the same place twice!! yay for me.


Denise said...

Yay for you and your photos too! It reminds me of the beauty in everyday life that is not always appreciated!thanks Denise

Brittany Anne said...

BE-A-UTIFUL!! you are a great photographer!! and thanks for making me miss home=]love you and im glad you are having fun!!

Lynne said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sunflowers :)

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

Hi, Waiting for some new writing. I am checking the blog every morning now when I do my emails. I look forward to your stories and pictures. Keep them coming :-)

Anonymous said...

Just been getting caught up on your life for the past week or so. This is a great way to let your future grandkids know what you are all about. It also shows the development of their parents and what the world is like through cheerful eyes. Wish you would have started it years ago.