Sunday, August 16, 2009


We logged some service hours today by helping to get our sweet Brittany moved into her college dorm. (Meredith, consider this an IOU to be redeemed when you really need some Aunt Steph and Aunt Shell love.) Steph said she wanted to go to college and live in a dorm (finally!) and asked if it was too late. I suggested she wait until her kids are a bit older. I can't imagine the princess living happily in a 12' by 15' foot room shared by another person, but, whatever.
We got on the road later than usual, it was noon when we left Greeley.

The drive through Colorado was beautiful. There were grassy hills covered with small sunflowers and white lacy buds. Cows happily lazed in the sunny fields, eating the seemingly endless supply of grass. When we crossed into New Mexico, the landscape changed as the elevation increased. The mountains in the distance flattened into buttes. The cows became even cuter and were joined by herds of elk and we were treated to the sight of a coyote crossing the road.

We finally arrived in Santa Fe as the sun was setting. Steph had done lots of research and we were scheduled to hit a road-side burger joint famous for it's Green Chile cheeseburgers. Unfortunately, we were too late, it had closed at 5. We dined instead at the Santa Fe Grill where we were not wowed by the service. I barely noticed that the service was poor, being "me". Steph said, "we will not be leaving a 20% tip for this shoddy service." I replied, "Since I will be buying dinner, I will be the judge of that". While I was distracted by my texting activities with our niece, Holland, Steph got hold of the bill, gave the server a meager tip and forged my difficult signature "Shirley Shirley" in her bubbliest hand writing. That made us laugh so hard, Steph peed in her pants.

HI it's me Steph,
yep, i peed my pants and it was sooo worth it. We laughed all the way through the parking lot to the car.
Getting Britt into her dorm was a pleasure and an honor. One I hope to recreate with the next teenagers coming down the line. Meredith...I wish to God I could have been there for you too. You and I would have made some great "schtick" and made everyone laugh!!
The Aunties will be there just as soon as our husbands and children will let us out of their sight again. I am with you in spirit and want you to remember that you are so special and the people you will meet will be loving your fabulous sense of humor( directly inherited from your aunt Steph of course) and you will have tons of friends in no time. remember to introduce yourself and be friendly and not have a disgusted look on your beautiful face!
I love you and am here for you both any time!!

Aunt Steph


Brittany Anne said...

thanks for evrything today!!! i love you both soooooo much!! and it was fun=)
ps my room is perfect and one of u hung my moms denim jacket in my closet and now i have it and she does not... i thought it was pretty funny but she doesnt but it wasnt my fault=) love u

Anonymous said...

Well, she shouldn't have left it lying around in a dorm room without proper identification. We think it's hysterically funny!

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

I can't believe they must make all dorms look the same. Corey's bedroom and furniture look the same as Brittany's. I love reading about your travels and can't wait to see what happens at the grand canyon. Don't fall in!!!
We pick up Andres and friend today then to say good bye to my daughter then on to Cedar Point then home and Ryan to school the very next day.

Lynne said...

I need to add you to my blog list and you need to add me to yours!

I have your blog on my favorites and was checking it often but you didn't update it so I stopped checking.

On my blog list on my blog I have it set so it shows when each blog was updated, so that helps. I don't have to keep going in to check it; I can tell if it was updated recently.

Love all your pics!!

Anonymous said...

So happy you are having so much fun on your cross-country, vagabond vacation. The little angels are still alive and well and have hardly missed you! I, on the other hand, have missed having some grown-up female energy with whom to share all of this joy! I love, love ,love, your "sisters blog!" I think you should either co-author a book or have a radio program based on your adventures. Have fun and keep writing! xoxo Mom