Monday, August 10, 2009

Teenage visitors

Even though my teenager is and has been in Ca for two weeks...the teenagers seem to want to continue to hang out here. They come over and say "Hi", they come over and I put them on "skype" with Ari so they can see each other and talk in person. I love having them over, I feed them whatever I have on hand. Today Emily and Ben came over first, so I put them on my laptop w/ Ari and they "hung out" for a while then they left. About an hour later the next group, Chandler, Robert and Corey stopped by. They skyped with Ari and tortured her for a while as they bellied up to the freezer and ate as many ice-pops as they could while sitting in my kitchen. Also a few dozen peanut butter choc-chip cookies to boot. After the ice pop massacre, I made them clean up and they went home promising to be back tomorrow and the next day until I leave. I LOVE these kids.

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