Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brought Molly ( Our 1 yr old weimaraner) home from the vet last night after she'd been spayed. She should have stayed the night but the vet tech called and said that she wasn't happy being in a cage and she would likr to come home early. She has an enormous cone on her head to prevent her from licking her incision. The problem is that she follows me around all day and when I stop she crashes into me with that damn cone. I hear her crashing into the cabinets and door jams etc. She even gets stuck in the extra large dog door. Right now she is sitting behind me on the sofa on top of the back cushion like a cat... a very large cat, with a cone on her head.


Shelley said...

NICE BLOG sisssy! please post your poem. Love..... YOUR biggest fan!

Lynne said...

That is so dogs sleep in the exact same spot on the couch and it smooshes the cushions down.

Love your blog! I am so excited one of my friends finally did one. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't have a life out there. Ha!