Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer

Today was the first official weekday of Summer. Although it may not have been hot and sunny we still had a lovely day up at Squam Lake. We were invited by our friends who have a compound up there. the kids had a blast, kayaking and paddle boating and frolicking in the not too cold water. i think the water in this lake is magical. Every part of my body (who am I trying to fool, my legs only) that touched the water is super soft. Ari says the same thing, she got totally wet and her entire body is baby soft. I actually think that this whole area is magical, when you get up there you just see things differently. It's so quiet, green, lush and peaceful. Here are just a few pictures from our beautiful day...enjoy. And I know you'll be happy to see that I didn't photograph any food! Only because my tuna sandwich didn't look very appetizing after being squished in a baggie for a couple hours.


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Wow! What an amazing photographer you are Stephanie. I love all these pictures. Your babies are so grown up and beautiful. Thanks for letting me catch up with you a little bit via this blog.