Friday, June 26, 2009

Buggy Friday

I just remembered how much I hate humidity and bugs. I walk every day( well not every day but most days) with my neighbor and today it is 7:30 am and it's already 74 degrees and so humid that the sweat runs off of you after only two minutes of walking. The there is the mosquito's and the black flies and oh yeah the huge deer flies that bite you and it hurts!
Over the Winter we would walk everyday until it started to get really cold and so then we would set a temperature limit... it had to be at least 17 degrees before we would go out. Then we said that was crazy so we set the limit to 21 degrees. Of course that didn't work either so as the season went on the limit went up up up. at the end of Winter it had to be 30 degrees and no snow coming down.
Now I believe I'll be setting a bug and humidity limit. I will not walk if it is hotter than 72 degrees and there must be no bugs!!
So I guess I'll see my neighbor in the Fall when the conditions are perfect for walking!
Did I mention that I hate to sweat and don't like bugs??

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dekr8 said...

That's why you should come back to CA! I walk at 5:30 bugs, no heat, no cold...well, in the winter it might be in the 50's. Brrrr!