Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Love Thursdays

I love Thursdays. Indy goes to Bow youth center in the am before afternoon Kindergarten. She gets herself up on this day everyweek extra early and has herself dressed, fed, lunch made, teeth brushed, and hair done...all by 7:00 am. Then she proceeds to harrass me to hurry up so i can take her. She doesn't like to miss any of the fun. I can relate.

 When my sisters and I get together at my parents house, I always fly out of bed first thing in the morning just so I don't miss anything good that we may or may NOT be talking about. Half the time it's just sitting around drinking our coffee concoctions and looking at magazines and catalogs.

Today I dropped Indy off then went home and did my morning stuff ie: make beds clean up the breakfast dishes, open windows and drapes and shower for the day. Then my BFF Diana and I went to Homegoods and to Lunch.  The last four times I've gone to Homegoods I haven't bought anything. How is that possible you ask??? I ask myself the same question every time I go there. "How could I NOT find a single thing to buy?" I can talk myself OUT of anythng. It's really sick... I don't know why I even bother going. It's just fun to go up and down evey isle and look at all the cool things.

Lunch was the best ever. Di and I discovered this little sandwich place thta is only open from 7am till 2pm. They serve the best lunch. I had a BLT and Di had a chicken sandwich that had reduced balsamic glaze and spinach on it. we shared. It was awsome.

I love Thursdays.

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Kathryne Neches said...

I love you! I love this piece so much!! Makes me wish I was there for the Thursday festivities. Today is Thursday and I am about to meet my husband and yours at Los Arroys for a taco. They will be rolling into Santa Barbara after having driven from New Hampshire, at exactly 7:17 pm according to Tom's gps. I'm going to feed the dogs and hurry down the hill. Keep writing!!