Sunday, June 7, 2009

Children for Sale!!

Today  I considered putting Alex and Indy up for sale to the highest bidder. They continuously fought all day. This resulted en several serious threats and then finally they both got sent to their rooms for the rest of the night. Of course they were allowed to come down for dinner. While eating dinner they began to  inquire about dessert to wich I replied"eat a lot of dinner because there will be noe dessert for you". They ate a huge dinne consisting of grilled chicken breast asparagus and rice.  I guess I will be enjoying a quiet evening watching whatever I want on tv since the two younger ones can't seam to go a hour without talking loads of SMACK to each other.

Perhaps they will learn that they really don't need another neighborhood kid to play with. They just need to look across the hall to see a live-in playmate.


Anonymous said...

They need to come to Grandma Kitty's house!

Erinn said...

Sounds like my twins!