Monday, June 15, 2009


Welcome back to "Not Me Monday". This is the day we can confess to all the things we did "not" do last week.

* I did NOT call Ted in a panic to suggest we lower the price on the house since we haven't had a showing in 6 weeks. Even though the realtors caravan said it is a "perfect" home and priced perfectly. I did NOT use a shreiky voice while talking to him even though he said,"do you hear yourself??" I said he was crazy and I was NOT panicking about the house not selling, nor was I talking in a shreiky voive. No not me. I'm cool as a cucumber. I'm fine all by myself with the three kids, two dogs, house etc. No I fine...really

*I did NOT try to figure out how to block my face in the web when I'm talking to Ted. I always look my best with air blown dry and makeup on. I would NEVER try to block him from seeing me because I look haggard and worn out. Never , no not me.

Other than these teeny tiny thing's, It was a good week.

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dekr8 said...

Glad to hear you're normal. :)