Monday, June 8, 2009


Welcome to "Not me Monday". This is the day that we can admit all of our less than impressive shortcomings from the previous week so that you don't think that I am without flaws.

This week, after having extensive "lawn mowing" lessons from Ted on how to run the tractor mower and how to cut the grass "the right way" I did the tractor part and left out the push mower part. Ari was supposed to edge the lawn with the push mower so I don't have to ride on the edge of the grass. Well I absolutely did Not mean to leave it out. I fully intended to have Ari come home from school and do the edging but I actually didn't have her do it. My neighbor Diana asked me why "I" didn't just do it and I absolutely did NOT say that I left that part out because I had on a new white t-shirt and didn't want to get sweaty. No not me. I would never do that.

I took the children to Target for some torture...I mean items and they were hungry so I let them pick out something for lunch from the cafe at Target. I did NOT let Indy pick bread sticks for lunch. I would NEVER let her eat a bunch of bread with OUT sauce for lunch. No that would not be a healthy choice.

WE had an open house on Sat and I did NOT tell the realtor to Hide the stinky towels in the washer because he asked what that stench was in the laundry room. No not me.

I also did NOT hide a dirty glass in the glass cupboard just to clear off the kitchen counter top.  no not me.


Anonymous said...

Love this! Keep writing!!
xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

You make me feel normal. The kids are so big.
Your Friend DeAnna

Anonymous said...

funny funny funny- I may have to quote you to myself for a lighten up chuckle. Feed indy breadsticks for lunch without sauce? Not me! That would not be a healthy choice!

Shelley said...

Oh, and I often hide stinky things in cupboards or enclosed spaces. that my Martha Stewart tip!