Sunday, June 21, 2009


HI Daddy, I love you Daddy. You're the best Daddy in the whole world.  from alex

I love you daddy, I'm painting a picture frame for you and I want to show it to you when we skype today. from Indy

Hi Dad, Happy Father's day. I love you. Love Ari

To my darling husband, Happy father's day! You balance our yin and yang of parenting and I love you for that. The kids are so lucky to have your loving touch and constant love. I love you so very much and miss you tons!-Stephanie


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh! xoxo G. Kitty

dekr8 said...

Ted had to love this. All my kids wrote memories of their childhoods for me for Mother's Day and then again for John for Father's Day. They will be treasures forever! What a treat! Some I didn't even remember, but it's so cute to see what stood out in their minds as little kids. :)