Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feelng better

I'm feeling better. I had a little melt down...OK maybe a big melt down but I am recovering and may have taken a few bystanders down with me but I had to radio for help.i.e my husband and Mother and Sisters. They will always pick me up when I'm down. I know I can count on them and my family to hold me up. That's what we do. We hold each other up when we're down. 

I had a bad day but we are entitled to a bad day. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Loopy for the Loupee's said...

Don't worry everything happens for a reason. You know I truely believe that! It will get better. hang in there. My hubby has been gone for a month now and then will be home for 3 days and then gone again and now he may not be home for corey's party!