Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Happenings

Had to take Molly to the vet today because there has GOT to be a medical reason for her peeing all over my house. She is making it very hard for me to love her right now. She spent all day at the vet while they tried to get her to "pee in a cup". Of course she didn't perform. When I picked her up they said to just keep trying to get a sample. So all the way home I tried to figure out what I could slip between her legs while she peed but that she wouldn't notice. I finally came up with the perfect thing. A long skinny Tupperware lid. I took her home and kept her on the leash and when we went outside she of course peed immediately and I slid the lid between her legs and she peed right on the lid. I am so brilliant!! Then I had the challenge of getting this flat lid of urine into the kitchen without sloshing it all over the floor. Ha it worked!! DONE! Got my sample and will drive back to the vet in the  morning to find out if there is a medical reason for her peeing all over my house.

Next on the list was Indy's big day of getting her cast off. She has been counting the days and was so ready to get this thing off.
I of course took a couple of pictures of the exciting event.

The last picture is of how some things get neglected when other things are going on. I would NEVER leave a kitchen sink full of dishes! No Not Me!!  

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