Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sun and Rain

This weekend is coming to an end. Saturday brought 80 degrees and sunny. I cut the grass and the kids played in the hose all afternoon. They had a picnic on the front lawn OUTSIDE the invisible fence so the dogs wouldn't eat their hot dogs. It started raining last night and continued to rain all night and has rained most of the day. It is supposed to pick up again in a while and storm all night. I lay in bed last night listening to the rain. That's what I do these days. I can't sleep so I wake up at 5:30am and listen to all the birds and frogs who don't care that I'm trying to go back to sleep. They are happy. it's warm now and they all have their babies so everybody is singing in the morning. 
Ari has been reading my blog and she has filed a formal complaint that I write too much about Indy and not enough about her. On the other hand she says she tells me everything and frankly it's not that entertaining so I'm left to write about whom ever gives me the goods, and lately it's Indy. Plus in my own defense, she and I spend the most time together since she's only in school for 2 1/2 hours.
Since I am saving all my funnies for "Not Me Monday" I will just post this and some random pictures that I have taken and have not had this big of an audience to oohh and awww over my stuff.

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dekr8 said...

I'm oooing and ahhhhing over your pics! So fun to see your cute kids and I love where you live! Kirsti always said we lived in the wrong part of the country. Tell Ari we would like to see more of her too! Love you all!